Asiatic Wedding Meeting Festivals

Eastern ceremony festival rituals are based on selected religious teachings/guidelines and often combine numerous aspects of culture, traditions and folklore. They can be very elaborate or just a few basic rituals Some are based on the concept of bringing fine fortune while people essentially represent an opportunity to show respect to mothers, family and friends.

Mehndi Meeting

An significant post- bride ritual in Indian tradition, Mehndi is applied to the hands of the bride/groom by their female family members on the day of the ceremony. This is done as a symbol of love and affection.

Chinese Marriage Meeting

During the” Zuo Chuang” ( the ceremonial welcome to the bride’s home ) the groom’s parents and his family will meet the bride at her house. They will repeat verses of poetry and the couple’s mom did present her with a pair of Long Feng Ngaak, alluring chinese which are silver beads with dragon and falcon themes as a sign of affection. She likely subsequently insert a yurt that is in the yard and get guarded by the vicar’s relatives. The couple does socially arrow and she can simply keep previously the wedding has shot arrows at her gate, which symbolizes protection.

The couple will then serve tea to the elders in their respective families. The tea should be served in small cups linked together with a red string, and should contain two lotus seeds or red dates for good fortune. The couple will also receive gifts from their elders and then say their traditional vows to each other.


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